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coin-speed.com LTD is the perfect choice for investors who want to earn high daily profits without committing to long-term investments. Our team of experts uses their experience and knowledge to make sure you get the best possible returns.
Stable Profits
Achieve financial security with our guaranteed returns on short-term investments.
Expertise at Work
Partner with a team of skilled traders, stock exchange specialists, and speculators for consistent profits.
Diverse Investment Portfolio
Diversify your investments with our constantly evolving portfolio of stock, forex, and other investment opportunities.
Trusted Service
Enjoy peace of mind with our fast, efficient, and reliable service, backed by our commitment to quality.

Investment Strategies

Capital Boost

132% Profit

in 8 Hours
Return on Investment: 132%
Growth Gain

164% Profit

in 16 hours
Return on Investment: 164%
Smart Invest

228% Profit

in 32 Hours
Return on Investment: 228%
Minimum Investment:
Maximum Investment
Every 8 hours
Instant Withdraw

How it Works

With just a few clicks, you can start earning passive income without having to actively manage your investments. Here's a step-by-step guide on how the platform works:
1. Sign Up
Sign up by providing your full name, username, valid email address, and password. The process is simple and straightforward.
2. Make Deposit
Deposit funds into the platform to start earning passive income. Choose the amount you want to invest and payment method.
3. Earn Daily Income
Passively earn daily income as the platform generates returns from your deposited funds. Keep track of your earnings in real-time.
4. Withdraw Funds
Withdraw your earnings to your private wallet at any time. You can also reinvest them to increase your deposit portfolio.

10 Level Referral Program

Earn unlimited money

on coin-speed.com by referring others to the platform. No deposit is needed to participate, simply copy your referral link and share it. Commissions earned will be immediately credited to your account balance and can be withdrawn to your wallet or reinvested. Make use of social media to showcase your financial success and show others how easy it is to multiply their money with us. There's no limit to your potential earnings!

Referral Commission
1 Level : 25%
2 Level: 15%
3 to 10 Level: 1%

Our Statistics

coin-speed.com gives you:

Passive Income

Enjoy high daily profits on your investments without the need for any special knowledge or skills.

Zero Fees

Unlike many other investment platforms, we do not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals.

Data Safety

Invest with confidence knowing that your personal and financial information is protected by the best security measures available.

Support & Community

Our platform provides 24/7 chat support with real agents. We also have Telegram and Discord groups where where our community is gathered.

Last Deposits And Withdrawals


What is coin-speed.com platform, and how does it work?
The coin-speed.com platform is an asset management platform that offers investors the opportunity to earn high daily profits with short investment periods.
Our team of experts uses their knowledge and experience to invest in a range of financial products, including short-term trading, swaps, arbitrage, forex, currency options, and more. Users can choose between three investment plans, with longer investment periods offering higher profits. At the end of the investment period, the main capital (deposit) is returned to the user. Users can make deposits and receive earnings in a range of cryptocurrencies,
Is it safe to invest in the coin-speed.com, and can I trust it?
Yes, it is safe to invest in the coin-speed.com platform, and we take every step possible to ensure the security and safety of our users. Our company is legally registered in the UK and based in London, and we have a team of experts with years of experience in the world of finance and cryptocurrency trading. We also have a track record of successful transactions and satisfied users who have earned high daily profits through our platform. In terms of security, we use the latest technologies and protocols to protect our users' personal and financial information. We also regularly review and update our security measures to ensure that we are staying ahead of any potential threats.
How are crypto payments settled on the coin-speed.com ?
At coin-speed.com, all deposits and withdrawals are settled in USD. If a user chooses to use a cryptocurrency as their payment method, and the cryptocurrency has a floating exchange rate, the user will receive an amount of that cryptocurrency that matches the USD value of their deposit or withdrawal at the time of the transaction.
What is the minimum deposit amount?
The minimum deposit amount on the coin-speed.com platform is $0.10 or the equivalent in the selected cryptocurrency, converted at the current exchange rate.
Can I have multiple deposits at the same time?
Yes, you can have multiple deposits on the coin-speed.com platform, in different amounts, different investment plans, and different payment systems. Each deposit works independently and separately from one another, and only the profits from all deposits will go to your account balance. You can hold balances in different cryptocurrencies at the same time, and there are no limitations on the number of deposits you can make.
What is the minimum amount to withdraw?
The minimum amount to withdraw on the coin-speed.com platform depends on the payment system that was used to make the deposit.
The minimum amount to withdraw for:
ePayCore, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether USDT (TRC20), Tether USDT (BEP20), BNB, Tron, Dash, Stellar, and BitcoinCash is $5.
The minimum amount to withdraw for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether USDT (ERC20) is $0.10.

Please note that if you have used cryptocurrency for deposit, the withdrawal amount will also be calculated based on the current exchange rate of the cryptocurrency used for payment.
Users can only withdraw funds to the same payment method and cryptocurrency used to make the deposit. For example, if a user made a deposit using Bitcoin, they can only withdraw funds to a Bitcoin wallet.
How long does it take to process a withdrawal?
At coin-speed.com, withdrawals are processed manually by our staff for security reasons and the safety of our users' funds. As a result, the processing time for withdrawals can vary and can take anywhere from a few minutes up to 24 hours to be completed.
Please note that this processing time applies to withdrawals of daily profits and referral commissions. For withdrawals requested after the end of a deposit plan when the principal is returned to the user's balance, the processing time may take up to 48 hours to be completed.

It is important to note that coin-speed.com is not responsible for the time it takes for confirmations to be made on the blockchain of a specific cryptocurrency. This time is not included in the payment processing time and may vary depending on the current state of the blockchain network. Additionally, we cannot respond to third-party wallets that show an update of the user's account balance after a certain number of confirmations. We recommend that users keep track of their transaction history and that they allow sufficient time for their withdrawals to be processed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the withdrawal process, confirmations, or any other aspect of our platform, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.
Can I reinvest my funds on the coin-speed.com?
Yes, you can reinvest your funds on the coin-speed.com platform. Once your earnings are credited to your account balance, you can use them to make another deposit without the need to withdraw to your account or wallet. This allows you to avoid potential time delays and transaction fees associated with making a new deposit. Reinvesting is also a faster and more convenient way to maximize your returns on the platform.
Can I have multiple accounts on coin-speed.com?
Yes, you can have multiple accounts on the coin-speed.com platform if you have a legitimate need to do so. If you do create additional accounts, you must use a different username and email for each account.
However, please note that users are not allowed to create multiple accounts as their own referrals and cheat the referral system to collect commissions from their own deposits.

If we detect any such attempt to create multiple accounts for the purpose of cheating the referral system, we reserve the right to suspend the account and freeze all funds in all linked accounts that were used to wrongly collect referral commissions.
How to keep my account safe?
At coin-speed.com, we take account security very seriously and encourage our users to follow some basic security rules to keep their accounts safe. These rules include setting a strong password of at least 6 characters, including numbers, upper and lower case letters, and/or special characters. Never share your login and password with anyone, and always use a different password than you use to access your email account. It is also highly recommended to enable 2 Factor Authentication for an additional layer of security.

In addition, we would like to warn our users about potential imposters who may attempt to impersonate our staff or request sensitive information. Please note that our support staff will never send private messages to users or ask for any deposits to external wallets. All payments must be made ONLY through the official website https://coin-speed.com/ as a deposit. All group chats are for general information and solutions only.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account security or any other aspect of our platform, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. You can reach us by email at [email protected], or by using our Live Chat Support on our website https://coin-speed.com/.
We take the security of our platform and the safety of our users' funds very seriously, and we appreciate your cooperation in following these guidelines to help ensure a safe and secure investment experience.

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